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Do you have a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?

Do you ever have FOMO - the Fear of Missing Out? Many marketing tactics use FOMO to encourage people to buy. As the US enters the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy, I personally feel the FOMO mounting. I love cool and useful apps and software – that’s my weakness – along with training programs. Here in Australia, the BF and CM sales are somewhat smaller, but we will still get a ton of emails from US companies as well as Aussie ones over the coming week. How do you manage FOMO and the pressure to buy when the price is massively discounted? My suggestions are: Think about what you have been wanting to buy but haven’t due to the...

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What's in your cup?

You are holding a cup of tea when someone comes along and bumps into you & makes your arm shake, making you spill your tea everywhere. Why did you spill the tea? "Because someone bumped into me!!!" Wrong answer. You spilled the cup of tea because there was tea in your cup. Had there been coffee in the cup, you would have spilled coffee. *Whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out.* Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It's easy to fake it, until you get rattled. *So we have to ask ourselves... “what's in my cup?"* When life gets tough, what spills over? Joy, gratefulness,...

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Digital Decluttering to Create More Bliss

One of the things that overwhelms me is clutter. I declutter regularly. My children are even getting in on it too and have reported that they feel so much better after a good declutter and they enjoy their space more. One are that I struggle with, and you might too, is digital clutter. So I thought I would share some tips on Digital Decluttering so that you can create more bliss and spaciousness in your life! Things You Can Do Immediately to Declutter your Digital Life Without Completely Disconnecting  We need to be online, so we’re connected with our industry news and social contacts. Yet being online seems to diminish our attention spans and take over our private lives. It’s...

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