Organic Detox, Teatox & Weight Loss

Organic Detox and Weight Loss Teas and other products!

I love a good detox and cleanse. Most days I drink the Cleansing Bliss Tea. It has grown on me since I first tried it and I feel like my body now craves it. I feel better when I drink this tea!

I was hesitant to have the Slimming Bliss tea on the menu. I don't want to suggest that people need to lose weight. However, I have struggled with my weight since my late teens after I had glandular fever. Since then, I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Both of which conspire to keep the extra kilos on. 

Losing excess weight is hard. I know. This tea helps me control my appetite and cravings. It is not a magic brew that will strip away the kilos. But it may help you if you combine it with sensible eating and moving your body

I couldn't resist adding the Bathing Bliss Bath Salts to the menu. I love bathing and these salts smell diving. They also have amazing ingredients to help you detox and relax.

I hope you love them!