Our TeaStory

Genesis of TeaBliss

One Saturday morning, during Covid 19 lockdown, I was lying in bed. Thinking. Suddenly, I decided it was finally time to create my own brand of tea.

During Covid 19 restrictions, which in Victoria, Australia, were pretty tough, I was drinking a lot of tea to help keep me calm and centred. I was also missing going out for cups of tea with my beautiful friends and this inspired me to create a TeaBliss.

On that cold Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed, dashed to my office, and started googling.

By lunchtime, I was talking to my now tea mentor, and had decided on a course of action. Three months later, I had built my first ecommerce store and my tea brand was ready to launch!

Why TeaBliss?

I love coming up with business ideas and names. I own way too many domain names. I had fun coming up with great tea business names. But most were taken.

My partner and I were thinking about what experience I wanted to create around the business. That's when we came up with TeaBliss.

It wasn't my first choice in name, yet by process of elimination, it is the one that fits my vision and mission for the brand the most! 

(Thanks to my man for helping me come up with the name. Love you, honey!)

TeaBliss Mission

TeaBliss is on a mission and we invite you to join us.

We want to inspire women to take care of themselves and find the bliss in the moment. Brewing and savouring a cup of tea is one way to do this!

My personal mission is to create products, services and experiences that bring more joy into women's lives, including yours.

Blessings on Every Packet of Tea

I created the labels for TeaBliss blends so that they would have a blessing on every packet. Each tea has been designed around a desired feeling and comes with an I Am statement of what you would like to embody.

I believe that life should be as easy, simple and fun as possible and we should be taking notice of the small things in life that bring us joy and pleasure.

Ethical & Organic Tea Business

It is important to me that everything I do in business does no harm and creates success for others. 

All ingredients in TeaBliss Blends are ethically sourced and organic. Our packaging is fully recyclable as well.

I also market my business with integrity.

I want TeaBliss to be a brand that you respect and trust. And hopefully love!

TeaBliss Values

TeaBliss is built with love to provide inspiration, community, connection, and more joy to women!

As a company we are committed to being:

  • Loving
  • Generous
  • Building community
  • Creating Connections
  • Inspiring
  • Creative
  • Joyful
  • Blissful


Thank you for reading about the TeaBliss story.