Why we do loose leaf tea? And why tea bags are not good for you or the environment!

Why choose loose leaf tea over tea bags
When TeaBliss was founded, I consciously chose to only provided loose leaf tea blends and said no to tea bags. 

 Why should you avoid tea bags?

Teabags are full of chemicals from the manufacturing process:
  • The tea string is bleached
  • The staple has glue on it
  • The tea bag paper is bleached
  • If you are using pyramid tea bags, most are made from nylon
  • To fit in the bag, the tea has to be cut finer, and as a result, more antioxidants are lost
  • Typically the quality, flavour and benefits of the tea are reduced
When you add 100c boiling water to the tea bag all the chemicals go into the tea.
Loose Leaf Tea is much higher quality, flavour and has more benefits
Our tea blends have been created to enhance your wellbeing, so that's why loose leaf is our number one choice for tea. To make it easier for you to consume a quick cuppa, we sell easy to use and clean tea infusers